Security Guard Jobs in Dubai

Dubai, being a bustling metropolis with a thriving economy, offers numerous opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the security industry. Security guard jobs are in demand across various sectors including commercial, residential, hospitality, and retail.

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Security Guard Jobs in Dubai


Ensuring the safety, security and comfort of all Tenants, staffs and property in and around the Building.


Buildings / Commercial buildings.

Security Guard Jobs in Dubai


1.Inspect all emergency equipment and ensure all equipment is in working condition.
2.Conduct external and internal patrols at designated locations.
3.Ensure that all emergency exits are easily accessible at all times.
4.Physically locate and verify the fire alarm.
5.Direct all pickup and delivery vehicles to assigned area.
6.Assist local governments as needed.
7.Report all common area maintenance requests via the online portal.
8.The visitor/contractor/supplier’s personal ID (valid Emirates ID/passport) must be collected, registered in the security visitor log and provided with directions.
9.Report all emergencies to your safety officer/local authority.
10.Monitor wanderers.
11.Fire alarm control panel inspection, video surveillance inspection.
12.If applicable, issue vehicle parking passes to rental cars/visitors.
13.CCTV System Operation Verification Elevator Telephone Incident Filing and Management Records and Records Approach residents/visitors/contractors in a courteous manner.
14.Verify all documents/NOCs and grant access to contact person/movers.
15.Coordinate with the rental department to allow tenant entry and exit.

Security Guard Jobs in Dubai

Requirements for security guard positions in Dubai typically include:

1. Valid Security License: Prospective candidates are usually required to possess a valid security license issued by the Dubai Police or relevant authorities. This license demonstrates that the individual has undergone the necessary training and background checks required to work in the security field.

2. Physical Fitness: Security guard roles often involve standing for long periods and conducting patrols, so physical fitness is essential.

3. Communication Skills: Good communication skills, both verbal and written, are important for interacting with clients, colleagues, and members of the public.

4. Team Player: Security guards often work as part of a team, so the ability to collaborate effectively with others is beneficial.

5. Knowledge of Security Procedures: Understanding security protocols and procedures is crucial for maintaining a safe and secure environment.

6. Language Skills: While English is widely spoken in Dubai, knowledge of Arabic or other languages commonly spoken in the region can be advantageous, especially in certain sectors like hospitality.

7. High School Diploma or Equivalent: While not always mandatory, many employers prefer candidates who have completed their high school education or equivalent.

Security Guard Jobs in Dubai

To find security guard job opportunities in Dubai, individuals can explore various avenues such as:

1. Online Job Portals: Websites like GulfTalent, Bayt, and Indeed often feature listings for security guard positions in Dubai.

2. Security Companies: Directly contacting security companies operating in Dubai and inquiring about job openings can be fruitful. Some well-known security companies in Dubai include G4S, Transguard, and Securitas.

3. Networking: Networking with professionals already working in the security industry in Dubai can provide valuable insights and potentially lead to job opportunities.

4. Recruitment Agencies: Utilizing the services of recruitment agencies specializing in security roles can also help in finding suitable job opportunities.

It’s important for applicants to thoroughly research potential employers, understand the specific job requirements, and tailor their applications accordingly. Additionally, staying updated on relevant industry trends and advancements can enhance one’s prospects in the competitive job market of Dubai.



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